How to find a decision-maker’s e-mail id - proven ways

Making valuable connections, especially with other professionals and investors is a very huge requirement in today's world, where email is considered as the most important tool for the growth of your business. If you want to make a professional connection with them, messaging them in their personal Social Media is not the right option, but sending them a formal marketing email definitely can be the proper way to move forward from your side.

Here are some effective and proven ways to find a Decision-Maker’s Email Id:

1. Use the help of google

No one can deny the fact that there is a huge amount of information lying around in Google and simply a Google search of the name of the person you want to contact along with typing the word "contact" can direct you to their contact details and email id. It is genuinely effective and also, totally cost free. You can also try other combinations such as typing the person's name along with the name of their company or their designation can also work.

2. Visit the company website

There are many companies who provide the name and the contact data of the staff working under them. So this method might prove to be the simplest yet one of the most useful and effective method out there. You can head to the site, go to the "About us" or "Contact us" to find the information of the concerned B2B Lead.

3. Advanced google search

If you have guessed an Email Id of a person, and want to test it, you can simply put it in the search bar and try to see if the search results match any contact information of the specific person in the company domain. If nothing comes up, you can try changing the variants and try it again until you find that email-id you were looking for.

4. Leadsolo

Leadsolo provides with millions of contact data attributes such as email addresses, phone numbers, Social Media handles and many more of individuals working under different companies.

5. Checking the person's social media page

There are times when people list their Email Ids in their Social Media page. So, checking their personal and company Social Media pages might turn out to be effective.

6. B2B Lead data in websites and blogs

Websites and Blogs are becoming very staggering with tons of professionals and executives coming up with their own personal Websites to invest in their own Brands. Most of the professionals these days have a website of their own where the list of all their contact details is mostly given.

7. Email discovery tools

They are one of the most easiest and work-free ways to find emails online. You simple can just type the name of the person and they will provide you with the emails.