3 Essential demand generation strategies that can attract leads!

When the marketing and sales team in the b2b companies works together as a team. If the objectives of both teams are well-coordinated, they can produce maximum results for the business. The demand generation generates brand visibility. That will help in maintaining the relationship with the customer in the future.

What is demand generation?

Demand generation is a marketing scheme that directs the customer's interest in the company's product. It is a type of data-driven marketing strategy which makes a company aware through the use of technology. This is all done to attract customers and build a desire in them to buy the product. The demand generation also focuses on the relationship between the customer and the company.

There are two types of generation –

Lead generation

In lead generation, companies attract customers into contact management or marketing software systems. Companies do this in the hope of nurturing them along the buying process. They convince people about their products and change them to regular paying customers. A marketing process that analyses people's interest over a specific product or service.

1.Sales leads

They are on demographic criteria like FICO, income, psychographic, etc.

2.Marketing leads

These leads are brand-specific leads. This generates unique advertising offers.

Demand generation

The demand generation focuses on marketing schemes to target customers. To buy their company's products and services. For this, they focus on generating brand awareness through their marketing strategies. It works on transparency and trust. This is important for B2B companies. It is a data-driven marketing strategy generating awareness about the company's products. Awareness is all done by the use of technology.

Here, you will get to know 3 essential demand generation strategies which can win over leads -

Brand awareness

Brand awareness is one of the essential demand generation strategies. According to the research, 86% of the wholesalers prefer those brands that are transparent, genuine, and have brand values. In this fast-growing market, it is very important to have goodwill and to find the right audience. A strong brand or a B2B service provider already established in the market will attract more leads than the business just started. A brand needs to do things to bring out your brand awareness. Finding potential customers is very important. You can go for seminars, events, e-mail, contests to increase brand awareness among the clients. For your brand awareness, you can also try something like giving away your best stuff. Giving away may include a free offer, content download, or even promotional samples. By doing this, you will gain customer trust in your brand. This will help you out with your brand awareness campaign. You can conduct some promotional events which will build awareness among the people.

Buyer personas

The buyer persona is another essential demand generation strategy. You should have a regular connection with your customer. You should know your buyer persona, which describes your typical and targeted audience. It should focus on detailed audience research. The campaign which focuses on a specific target customer should be based on their knowledge. They are more likely to convert into a business. The strategy should hold on to the perfect understanding of the customer. The pain points of the customer, the business should aim and challenge. It can help to divide data to get maximum results. You should know what your audience desires, and this will help you to connect with your clients.

Build pathways – spell out a call to action.

As everyone knows, a website can change the customer's view and can even boost your brand. A website can only help you when you embed strong and robust CTAs on your website. Your website must contain an amazing landing page that can attract customers. On your website, you can add some case studies, webinars, etc.

You can publish your content, which will reach as part of the B2B demand generation strategy.


If you want to have a successful b2b demand generation, then you should include comprehensive plans which hold at every point of your prospect's journey. By doing so, you can give them exactly what they want. Business to business demand generation is a wider picture of your marketing strategy. It allows you to include activities that nurture your prospects at different stages of your buyer's journey.