How can leadsolo help and let you take your ‘lead’.

Organizations doing business in financial services, automobiles, healthcare, eLearning and many other industries have turned their hands to lead generation for effective marketing and sales increment. According to Harvard business review, the corporate spending for effective leads and marketing sources has increased from $12.5 billion in 2005 to a whopping $22.7 billion in 2009 within a span of just 4 years. This only exemplifies how important ‘Leads’ can prove to be in increasing your revenue and reach. It is necessary to employ efficient strategies and market according to a plan for a good ROI (Return on investment) at the end of the quarter. When a company spends so much on acquiring leads, it should be highly concerning to know that there is a lot of space for improvement in the conventional method of lead generation. Mostly, firms have huge databases which they use to find contacts according to your query but at Datanex Labs LLC, we find live leads by scanning the biggest database on the planet, the World Wide Web. When leads are being generated at internet speed, it is important for any organization to respond at internet speed as well. This takes us to the very important question about fresh information. Let us understand with the help of an example. If a prospect searched for the service, you are providing a few months ago then there is minimum to no sense at all by establishing a communication channel with that contact after all those months. This is the problem with having static information stored in databases. With our system, you can get information about prospects who have shown interest in your service in the most recent time frame possible. This is possible because we scan live web data and it retains the dynamic nature of the contact information we generate.

Life on online sales leads is very short. If leads aren’t captured in time, then the lead might forever disappear as a viable prospect. According to a Harvard business review study which was carried out by taking into account over 1.25 million sales leads received and generated by 29 B2C and 13 B2B companies in the United States, organizations that responded to the search query within an hour of it being carried out were 7 times as likely to capture the lead than those who waited more than an hour and were 60 times more likely to capture than those who waited for more than 24 hours after the initial query was posted. Fresh and Validated leads can increase revenue greatly and with conventional methods, it is simply inconvenient to check whether the lead generated is stale or fresh (basically, to validate it per se). It can take a lot of workforce to validate a given set of email ids or other data points regarding the contact information. But, with our systems you can do this monstrous-seeming task in little to no time as everything is automated. Also, with our guidance and data driven insights, your firm’s chances of successfully turning a lead into a customer increases exponentially.