How are we revolutionizing lead generation.

It can be a daunting task indeed to efficiently categorize leads and establish communication channels accordingly. One of the major reasons for that being the information which is acquired through database search and other conventional Lead generation methods comes with a high risk of being inaccurate. It can result in a marketing team, extending a dialogue for communication with an email id that does not exist at all. Such information is termed as ‘Stale information’.

For instance, suppose a decision maker shares his contact information on an open public conference. This goes on to tell that the influencer in concern is willing to the pitches from the general populace and business organizations. This information is saved in the databases of conventional Lead generation companies. If the contact information of that same influencer is requested after a certain amount of time, then the information would be the same in the database. At this time, it is highly likely that the information such as email id or other information has been updated from what it used to be in the past. The point here is that, this type of information isn’t updated very frequently and so it becomes almost impossible to validate emails without putting immense amount of work hours into it.

At Datanex, we do things differently. We have revolutionized Lead generation which means that you would get fresh and validated contact information of decision makers. LeadSolo is our marquee product. Leadsolo uses sophisticated ML (Machine learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to scan the web pages that are live for any contact information that might be useful to you. It is like you search for a keyword let’s say a construction executive or an automobile contractor, then it would scan millions of available pages that are currently live on the web and it will give you the information about the people who are most suitable for your query. This is distinctively different than conventional methods as we are providing live information about the people you want to contact. This means that the information is updated and the question for contact numbers or email ids being out of service, gets the dirt. Other firms that are currently in the market, they don’t employ these advanced ML algorithms they just buy leads from already available databases. Although they might argue that they keep updating the databases from time to time, but we give you the data real time, which is quite a considerable step ahead of “time to time”.

Our process of finding contacts of such decision makers and prospects for your firm is unique in its own way. There is a 30% more chance that you would hear back from a prospect generated from our services than a contact found through a search database, most of which could be, as stated above, ‘Stale information’. Such stale contact details can end up in you being trapped in a loop of one-way conversational attempts where the percentage of responses you get is at the lower extremum. With this your resources will be clearly wasted and the ERP (Enterprise resource planning) budget would suffer as a result of that. With bleak chances of a profitable ROI (Return on Investment), Stale information about contacts can be deadly in marketing terms.