Enriched with exciting features, Leadsolo transforms your prospecting experience

Prospect by Website Lookup

Search for contacts from Live Websites

Simply enter the website URL and get all the email ids and associated contacts registered with that domain all re-verified in Real-time.

Prospect by Keyword Lookup

Keyword search for potential prospects.

Search for contacts based on common keywords like eCommerce, IT, Startup, etc.

Prospect by Instant Leads

Instant, hand-picked leads just for you

Running short on time? Use our Instant leads feature to get contacts from our pre-specified business categories, all verified in real time.

My List
  • Add to List

    Add your contacts to the list which can be created in the web application with a simple click.

  • Develop strategy, analyze contacts by filtering with our various options.

  • Export your contacts to your local machine for solid storage.

  • Edit your contacts, add fields and help your team in channeling resources better.

  • Add special notes and help your team to focus better on activities.


Export and Download filtered contacts

Filter your contacts and they will be ready for download after re-verification. Credits will be refunded for invalid email ids.


Prospecting simplified with your Leadsolo account

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