"Every email id on leadsolo is verified an average 5 times a day making us the best in keeping updated email ids”

B2B leads have become overpriced rendering many companies and prospect finders unable to reach their target audience. Leadsolo's vision is to make finding prospects affordable, easy, and accurate. Eventually, we will make sales funneling efficient. We directly bring opportunities to you, connecting you to the clients who want your products/services.

How we collect Email Ids

Leadsolo collects email ids based on websites, keywords, company names by reading billions of live web pages. For every search request, leadsolo reads an average of 100,000 live web pages. Owing to its depth of penetration, leadsolo never misses any email id and maintains a high hit rate in finding decision makers' contacts.

“Our Primary focus is to provide you 100% safe, fresh and accurate Email Ids, you may see social media links and other data points mismatching or missing sometimes. Accept our apologies for the same as we like to keep things transparent. We are dedicated towards keeping things updated, continuously enhancing our data collection algorithms."

How we collect other data points

Post email ids our algorithms begin a sophisticated search to find most relevant and matching data points such as names, social media links, phone numbers, designations etc. During this process we first show the valid emails to not keep the user waiting. Later our engine will keep collecting other data points. This is why sometimes you will see N/A (Not Available) or instant refresh buttons to get missing data instantly.

We have built unique algorithms to find image profiles. All these algorithms are keeping the system enhanced and its data fresh & accurate everyday, we are trying our best to give you best. At Leadsolo, we are developing revolutionary ideas in data extraction to increase speed and accuracy at every step. Soon you will be able to download millions of accurate B2B contacts at light speed.

Quality and Reliability

Our priority is to provide accurate email ids. Currently, about 5 to 15 percent of email ids that are extracted using other platforms expire within a week’s time. We verify and show only Safe and Catch-All emails to users. You have the options to choose between these two. We verify email ids at every step such as when a user clicks on the "View" button or prospects by "Website lookup" or "Keyword lookup" features and also at the time of export.

This way you have fresh emails with 99% accuracy. We are paramount in quality and reliability in the prospecting industry.

You can share your ideas and feedback with our CEO at nagi@leadsolo.io